Engineering comes out on top

All four departments in the University of Bath’s Engineering and Design Faculty have shone in recent league tables, with every subject offered being rated in the top three of the country.

The Faculty has achieved a top three ranking for every academic subject in the Sunday Times University Guide 2012.

Courses from the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering have consistently been rated as the best in the country, with outstanding student satisfaction, grades and a 100 per cent employment rate.

The construction of the 'BaleHaus' on campus made headlines, and gave architecture students a unique insight to green design.

The construction of the 'BaleHaus' on campus made headlines, and gave architecture students a unique insight to green design.

Alison Ukleja, responsible for engineering student placements, said: “Our placement system at the University of Bath is second-to-none. The majority of our students spend a year working in industry in which they gain hands-on experience. We place 99 per cent of students who want to take this option, and work with hundreds of companies in the UK and worldwide.

“We have great feedback from our students and they return to their studies with a fresh perspective and new enthusiasm, and the experience they gain certainly makes our graduates more attractive to employers.”

Civil and Chemical Engineering both ranked second in the UK for graduate employment with a rate of 95.5 per cent, and Electronic and Electrical Engineering ranked in third place.

Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath ranked first in the UK for teaching excellence.

In 2011, electrical and electronic engineering students developed a system that monitors space weather conditions. Their 'TOPCAT' design was chosen to be sent into space along with the UK's first cube satellite.

In 2011, electrical and electronic engineering students designed a system that monitors space weather. Their design 'TOPCAT' was chosen to be sent into space with the UK's first cube satellite.

Professor Tony Miles, Head of Department for Mechanical Engineering, said: “The engineers who emerge from the University of Bath have already experienced hands-on engineering and have a lot of experience of putting the theory they learn in the classroom into practice.

“We have a student team who this year competed in Formula Student competitions  in California, the UK and also in Germany and an underwater submarine team, a human powered aircraft project and this year, a group of students even built their own wind turbine.

“Our teaching is not just about sitting in lecture theatres; it’s about taking the theory and applying it in a practical situation. This not only makes our courses more interesting for students, it also ensures our graduates are well-rounded and highly employable.”

The Sunday Times ranks subjects at Higher Education institutions across the UK on a number of criteria, including student satisfaction, research quality, academic peer review, entrance qualification held by new students, degree results achieved, drop-out rates and graduate employment levels.

Professor Gary Hawley, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Design, said: “The fact that every one of our programmes in the Faculty of Engineering and Design is ranked in the top three in the UK across a broad range of criteria is testament to the commitment, enthusiasm and expertise of our academics in preparing the next generation of engineers and architects.

“Our research is visionary, we innovate in transferring this research into our teaching and we engage profoundly with end users. This is why our graduates are so sought after.”

The University of Bath was also named University of the Year as it rose to fifth position in the country in this prestigious league table, published on Sunday 11 September.


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