Professor shows schoolchildren physics in action

During November and December, Professor Alison Walker from the Department of Physics has been presenting lectures on her research entitled “Plastic displays and solar power: how can light devices be heavy?”

Each lecture has been to packed audiences of 900 Year 12 and Year 13 school students from around the country at the Institute of Education, University of London in Bloomsbury, close to the British Museum.

To make her research engaging for the young audience, Professor Walker’s lectures have included animations, football and Christmas tree lights!

Each lecture formed part of a one-day conference called “Physics in Action”. Other speakers included Dr Simon Singh, a well-known author and broadcaster who talks about the origin, history and fate of our universe; Dr Nic Harrigan who illustrates quantum mechanics using magic tricks; and Dr Martin Archer, a DJ at Kiss FM as well as being a physicist and science presenter.

Professor Walker was invited to present the lectures after the organisers spotted a podcast of her inaugural lecture on the University of Bath website.

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