Email to students sitting exams at 1pm and 4.30pm on 22 May 2012

This message is sent to all students sitting examinations at 1.00pm or 4.30pm on Tuesday 22 May 2012.

As you will be aware from earlier email messages and the University website, the Olympic Torch relay will set off from the University at 3.28pm on the afternoon of Tuesday 22 May, and there will be Olympic-related activities taking place on the campus, including an event for local school children on the St John’s field near the main entrance to the University. Examinations will take place as scheduled throughout 22 May, and the purpose of this email is to tell you about the steps you need to take, and which the University is taking, to ensure that these exams run smoothly. This information is given under headings indicating when you should arrive at the University, when you will be able to leave, provision of additional quiet study space, and arrangements in place to ensure that there is no noise disruption to exams.

On the afternoon of 22 May examinations are taking place for the following units:

At 1.00pm
AR20238 Transportation infrastructure engineering
CE10086 Instrumentation & control
CM30073 Advanced algorithms & complexity
ES30032 Natural resource and energy economics
ES50076 Economics of financial institutions
HL20108 Applied sport biomechanics
MN10005 People and organisations 2
MN20444 UK tax and tax planning for the growing business
PA30247 Pharmacy practice
PH10005 Vibrations, waves & optics
PH10053 Vibrations, waves & optics [WL]
PH30025 Mathematical methods
PL30718T German written & oral communication in the international business context

At 4.30pm
CM10193 Systems requirements and design
ED10356 Principles of fitness training
MN10354 An introduction to law - contract, tort and ELS
MN30316 Risk management and internal control
MN50450 The global environment of business
PA10237 Introduction to chemical biology and pharmacology
PL10638 Spanish written and spoken language 1
PL20636 Russian written and spoken language 2

When should I arrive at the University?

The torch relay will involve some road closures and, therefore, some disruption to transport to and from the campus.  Details of road closures and information about bus timetables are given here:

Transport on and off campus both before and after the torch relay sets off will inevitably be affected, both in the immediate environment of the University, and also as a result of the relay moving through the centre of Bath.

Examinations scheduled for 1.00pm and 4.30pm on 22 May will take place as scheduled, and, as on any other day, it remains the responsibility of all students sitting examinations on that day to make appropriate travel arrangements in order to arrive on campus in sufficient time to sit their exams.  All those taking examinations at 1.00pm or 4.30pm on Tuesday 22 May are very strongly advised to arrive on the campus no later than 12 noon, because access to and from the campus, even on foot, is likely to become difficult after that time.  In particular, students whose examination starts at 4.30pm must not assume that transport arrangements will return to their usual levels quickly after the torch relay has departed.

Your attention is drawn to the statement in the Individual Mitigating Circumstances (IMC) procedures that “individual transport/travel problems (unless due to strikes or disruptions which could not have been foreseen or worked around)” are not normally acceptable as IMCs.  Full information about the IMC procedures is available here.

When will I be able to leave the campus?

The torch relay will set off from the University at 3.28pm, and there are no further events scheduled for after that time on the campus.  However, there are likely to be quite large numbers of people wishing to leave the campus once the torch has departed, and there will also continue to be disruption to roads and transport in the city – some roads will be closed up to 5.00pm. Any students taking an exam at 1.00pm who wish to resume revision for examinations on the following or subsequent days are advised to bring revision material with them to the campus.  We do not anticipate that students sitting the examination at 4.30pm will experience any delays in leaving the University at the end of the exam (6.30pm).  Any further information will be made available via the University website.

Will there be somewhere quiet in campus where I can revise?

In recognition of the need for some students to arrive on campus earlier than they might normally have planned, or to stay later, the University has set aside several rooms (in addition to the space in the Library) for the purposes of quiet study throughout the whole day.  These rooms are 1WN3.12; 3E3.11; 1WN3.11; 3W4.7; 1W2.5; 1W2.6; 1W2.7; 8W2.1; 8W1.1

Will the exams be disturbed by noise?

The torch relay will set off from the bus turning circle around half an hour after the 1.00pm examination finishes, and no noise above normal levels will be generated in that area until after 3.00pm.  There will be higher than normal noise levels in that area for a short time leading up to the departure of the torch relay (3.28pm), but any students who have been allocated additional time for their exams will be located in 8 West at the opposite end of the campus and will not be disturbed.   The event in St John’s field is not expected to cause any disturbance to any of the examination or quiet study venues because of its distance from them, but noise levels will be monitored throughout the 1.00pm exam and, if necessary, reduced.  No events likely to generate any noise above normal levels are scheduled to take place anywhere on the campus during the exam starting at 4.30pm.

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