1 West redevelopment project update - September 2012

The works to enable the expansion and refurbishment of 1 West is continuing.

We would like to apologise for the delay to the works, this is because we need to carry out some additional asbestos removal works and extra cleaning. Everyone’s safety is paramount so we have continued work in two areas to ensure they reach the highest safety standards.

Fourth floor staircase

We need to remove a partition wall and cut back a section of the roof and steel columns to enable connections to the new extension to the building.

Some of the work will require asbestos removal. We will ensure a stringent safety standards are in place with a 1000 gauge polythene full enclosure, negative pressure units, airlocks, a decontamination unit and air monitoring. This should finish by 25 September 2012.

Level two

The enclosure is currently being inspected. Once this is complete and an air clearance test has been carried out, a safety certificate will be issued.
We will then be able to remove the enclosure, scaffolding, polythene and window covers. This should be complete by 26 September.

Temporary closure on level 4

Many of you may be aware that part of level 4 was closed off on Tuesday 18 September. This followed the discovery of a ceiling tile collapsed due to a water leak.

As with a lot of areas in 1 West, there is asbestos in the building’s structure. A member of portering staff who spotted the incident acted on their training and blocked off the area while tests could be carried out to ensure the area was safe.

The ceiling void in this area has previously been stripped of asbestos and air monitoring carried out in the corridor did not detect any release of fibres.
As a precaution however the area will be sealed off with polythene sheeting. When the area has dried out, the area will be cleaned and tiles replaced before the polythene is removed. The area that is being cordoned off should not prevent access to any of the occupied rooms.

Once again, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for bearing with us.

If you have any questions at any point, please contact the estates helpdesk.

For more information about the project visit the website.

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