The inaugural Professions for Good Prize 2012 – Promoting ethics and professional standards in business or public life

Professions for Good (P4G) is a collaboration of the bodies responsible for the entry policy, professional standards and qualifications across a number of the UK’s largest professions.

It is launching the inaugural Professions for Good Prize awarded to authors of the best writing on the subject of ethics and professional standards in business or public life.

Entries are invited for best academic essay – awarded to the best paper, student essay or piece of academic coursework covering general issues relating to the role of professional ethics and standards, or their importance in a specific professional discipline. (P4G will seek the permission of all relevant authorities to promote and/or reprint any shortlisted articles for republication, on its website and its media partners.)

The prize

A prize of £500 will be awarded to the winning essay. The top ten shortlisted essays will also be publicised on the Professions for Good website and promoted through the media, subject to copyright owners’ approval.

Judging process

The submissions will be judged by a panel comprising Louis Armstrong CBE, Chairman of Professions for Good, and the Chief Executives of two of the UK’s largest professional bodies.

The judges will evaluate submissions in terms of their originality, scope and rigour, as well as lively writing style and presentation. Their decision will be final.


1. There is no application form but entries should be submitted ideally either as PDFs or Word documents and emailed to  including a postal address and daytime contact number of the author.

2. Entries can be of any length, but ideally not more than 1,500 words, as it is the intention to republish shortlisted articles as possible.

3. The entry must be the author’s original work. If it contains material such as quotations, previously published illustrations or tables, the material must be clearly identified and attributed. Bibliographies and appendices should be included.

4. The author must include an assertion that the submission is all their own work. All entries will be acknowledged, to confirm safe receipt.

5. All shortlisted articles will be published on the P4G website, with approval, as they are submitted.

6. The deadline for final entries is noon on Tuesday 30 October 2012.

7. The two winning submissions will be announced at noon on 30 November 2012.

8. The decision of the judging panel is final.

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