Bath Open Cafe: RIOT! Young politics and antipolitics in Britain

The next Bath Open Café is joined by Ben Bowman, a research student in POLIS, on the 25th February when the topic for our thinking and discussion will be ‘Riot! Young politics and antipolitics in Britain’.

Ben hopes young people's politics will be a great topic to share. He said: “Young people are right in the middle of public life here in Britain, but it can be difficult to get a handle on what's really going on for the young.

These images from the London riots were shared around the world.

These images from the London riots were shared around the world.

“Are the young apathetic? What do we make of the riots and protests in British cities over the last decade? Everyone seems to be shouting out different opinions at once.

“I chose the name ‘riot’ for our discussion at the Open Cafe because that's how I see young people's politics discussed in this country.”

So what can we expect at the Open Cafe? Ben adds: “I'm actually hoping to get a bit of a live social science experiment going. I really like the idea of Open Cafe as a way to get together and discuss this kind of issue.

“I have done fieldwork in colleges and also to do with the London riots, and maybe I can contribute that to our discussion. Of course, people who prefer to listen are welcome to just come along and hear how the discussion goes too!”

Ben Bowman is an ESRC supported MPhil/PhD student. You can follow him before or during the event on Twitter at @bennosaurus.

Bath Open Cafe is a free event that takes place at The Raven in the centre of Bath at 8pm.  You can contact the Open Cafe by email, or follow on Twitter at @OpenCafeBath.


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