New Associate Dean of Research for Faculty of Science

The University is delighted to announce that Professor Jonathan Knight has been appointed Associate Dean (Research) for our Faculty of Science.

Professor Knight, Head of our Department of Physics and member of our Centre for Photonics and Photonic Materials, will be responsible for promoting and coordinating research and Knowledge Transfer activity within the Faculty.

In this role, Professor Knight will support the Dean of Science by acting as a point of contact between senior management and academic researchers across the Faculty, identifying new ways of doing research, sharing ideas and setting up collaborations between researchers from different departments.

Professor Knight said: “Academics can often get caught in the trap of working in separate silos, when their research could really benefit from ideas and input from researchers working in different areas of expertise.

“There already are lots of examples of successful collaborations between departments at the University, from researchers in Computer Science working with colleagues in Psychology, to chemists and chemical engineers working together in our Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies.

“I look forward to identifying and facilitating new potential collaborations and getting researchers from different disciplines discussing their research and finding new ways of working together.”

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