Study seeks to find why some people keep the weight off

Dieters who have lost lots of weight are being asked to share their experiences in a new study being carried at the University of Bath.

The Department of Health is on the lookout for people who are over 30 and who have lost a substantial amount of weight – and who have either kept the weight off for a year or who have found their weight has crept up again.

Researchers are organising focus groups for people to share their experiences in an effort to explore how some have successfully managed to maintain their weight loss for more than a year while others have not.

“The reason we’re carrying out the study is that there’s actually very little research about people’s experiences of how they’ve kept off the weight they’ve lost,” said PhD Student Lesley Morison.

“Maintaining that weight loss over the longer term is just as important as losing it in the first place and a lot of studies have shown that a high proportion of people who lose weight do put a lot of it back on.

“So finding out what helps – or doesn’t help – people to maintain their weight loss is extremely valuable for future work. We hope to use the findings from this study to better our understanding of why some people manage to keep the weight off and why others put weight back on.”

Everyone who takes part in a focus group will get a £5 High Street voucher by way of a thank you.

Anyone wanting more information about the study or to find out how to take part can call Lesley Morison on 01225 384186 or send an email .

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