Reports from Council and Senate - May 2013

Update from Council – 16 May

The following items were discussed at the recent meeting of Council:

  • Future Plans for the Library: Council received a presentation from Ms Kate Robinson, University Librarian, on the key issues in relation to the Library.
  • University Strategy and Annual Planning: Council considered and noted an update on the new University Strategy which focusses on two core areas of activity. The University’s academic objectives are excellence in research and innovation and excellence in education. A new annual planning methodology will be introduced in 2013/14.
  • Procedure for Establishment, Merger, Re-Naming or Disestablishment of a Faculty, School or Department of the University: Council considered and approved the proposed procedure with immediate effect. This was an action from the last effectiveness review of Senate.
  • University Ventures Board: Council approved the addition of two further external members to the membership of the Board, the appointment of Dr Christopher Jones as a member of the Board and an additional term of reference.
  • Students’ Union Governance: Council approved (on the recommendation of Senate) amendments to the Students’ Union constitutional documents and the Ordinances arising from the cessation of the role of Senior Treasurer and a change of title from Students’ Union Sabbatical Officers to Students’ Union Officers.
  • Treasurer: Mr Peter Wyman was re-appointed as Treasurer from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2016.
  • Membership of Council: Mrs Ruth Foreman, Ms Anne Goodman, Mr Mark Hawkesworth and Mr Roger Whorrod were re-appointed to serve on Council until 31 July 2016.
  • Appointments: Council noted the appointment of Professor Ian Butler as Acting Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, for one year from 1st August 2013 to 31 July 2014; and appointed the following Heads of Department:

Professor Bas Verplanken - Psychology from 1st August 2013 to 31 July 2016
Dr Mary Hayden - Education from 1st April 2013 to 31 July 2015

Update from Senate - 17 April

The following items were discussed at the recent meeting of Senate:

  • Changes to Academic Job Title Structure: Senate was informed that, following consultation with Faculties/Departments/School of Management, UCU and Academic Assembly on proposed changes to academic job titles, it had been agreed that a “simple structure” could be used on an informal basis to translate the job title structure whenever appropriate. Lecturers, if they wished, could use the equivalent job title of Assistant Professor; Senior Lecturers and Readers could use the equivalent job title of Associate Professor. To make clearer to external audiences the meaning of the job title structure, particularly in international contexts, it was also agreed that academic posts would be advertised with the equivalent job title in parentheses.
  • Bath BP Centurion Awards: Senate approved the introduction of the Bath BP Centurion Awards, a new cross-campus scheme for one hundred £1,000 annual prizes for up to four years from 2012/13. The total value of the Bath BP Centurion Awards could be up to £400,000.
  • Senate recommended to Council that the procedure for the establishment, merger, re-naming or disestablishment of a Faculty, School or Department of the University be approved, subject to the Chair of Academic Assembly being added to the list of those consulted on any proposals.
  • New Academic Programmes: Senate approved the following new programmes:

BSc Management (3 years)

BSc Management (4 years with placement)

BSc Management with Marketing (4 years with placement)

BSc International Management (4 years with placement or period of study abroad or a predetermined combination of the two)

  • Senate approved changes to the membership of the Academic Programmes Committee to increase the proportion of the membership occupied by academic staff elected by Senate.
  • Arts Awards Prizes: The Arts Awards Prizes for 2013 were approved:

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