Workshop: 'Uncertainty in Interaction Networks'

The Centre for Networks and Collective Behaviour is organising a two day workshop on Wednesday 12 - Thursday 13 June in 3WN 2.1 to discuss network models in finance, social behaviour, and biology.

The keynote presentation will be a public lecture at 4.30pm on Wednesday 12 June given by Prof Robert May with the title 'Complexity, Uncertainty, and Consequent Fragility in Financial Networks'.

Lord May is a member of the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford. His previous posts include President of the Royal Society (2000-2005) and Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government (1995-2000).

Over a long and highly distinguished research career his interests have centred on two themes: (i) how populations are structured and respond to change, particularly with respect to infectious diseases and biodiversity, and (ii) the structure and dynamics of ecosystems (and more recently other networks, such as banking systems), with particular emphasis on their response to disturbance.

The aims of the event are to bring together a range of perspectives on network dynamics, with a particular emphasis on the interconnected nature of financial markets, and to see what quantitative progress can be made in understanding their structure and how this might influence economic thinking.

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