Reports from Council and Senate - June 2013

Update from Council – 27 June 2013

The following items were discussed at the recent meeting of Council:

  • Staff Survey 2013:  Council considered the University-wide results from the 2013 Staff Survey.  Overall the responses were positive, with many areas showing improvement from the last survey in 2011 and 93% of staff responding stating that the University is a good place to work.
  • Approval of University Strategy: Council considered and approved the core content of the new University Strategy, which defines what excellence in research and education means to the University and captures what is distinctive about the University.
  • University Estimates 2013/14: Council approved the estimates of university income and expenditure for 2013/14.
  • 4 East South (4ES) and 10 West: Council approved the investment of £48 million in two new buildings on campus, to create additional academic expansion capacity.
  • Research Institutes: Council approved the mechanism for the establishment of University Research Institutes.
  • University - Student Partnership Statement: Council approved the University - Student Partnership Statement.
  • Appointments: Council approved the appointment of Dr Joe Devine as Head of the Department of Social and Policy Sciences from 1 April 2013 to 31 July 2016.

Update from Senate – 12 June 2013

The following items were discussed at the recent meeting of Senate:

  • Amendments to the Regulations for Students: Senate approved amendments to Regulations 2 (Fees), 7 (Disciplinary Regulations for Students), 8 (Disciplinary Procedures for Students), 12 (Use of Motor Vehicles on the University Site) and 16 (Admission Regulations and Conditions for the Award of a Higher Degree).
  • Modifications to the New Framework for Assessment: Assessment Regulations (NFA:AR): Senate approved proposed modifications to the NFA:AR. These changes will benefit students with modest amounts of outstanding assessment requirements (as a result of individual mitigating circumstances) who up to now might have been prevented from progressing into the next stage of a programme.
  • New Academic Programmes: Senate approved the following new programmes:

Postgraduate Certificate in Integrated Environmental Management
MSci in Sport and Exercise Science
BSc (Hons) in Professional Development (Computing) in partnership with the Defence College of Communications and Information Systems

  • International Foundation Year – the transfer of academic responsibility for the International Foundation Year to the School of Management was extended.
  • Appointments: Professor Chris Jennison was re-appointed as Warden of the Blues and Professor Michael Threadgill was appointed as Marshal.  The term of office for both appointments is from 1 August 2013 to 31 July 2016.  Mr Howard White was also re-appointed as Chair of the Programmes and Partnership Approval Committee for a further three year period.

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