Dr Bryson attends international AI conference

Dr Joanna Bryson from our Department of Computer Science was invited to attend the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) held in Beijing, China earlier this month.

The IJCAI is the world’s largest event for artificial intelligence (AI) researchers. The theme of this year’s conference was AI and computational sustainability.

Computational sustainability applies techniques from computer science - as well as other fields - to sustainable development.

The event programme, held over three days, included workshops, presentation, tutorials, competitions and events paneled by experts in the field.

Dr Bryson was a panellist at an event examining the impact of AI on society called: ‘The future of AI: What if we succeed?’

“We were asked to talk about utopian and dystopian visions for the future, when we have succeeded to build AI,” said Dr Bryson.

“My own talk pointed out that we have already succeeded with robots like Big Dog and Google Cars and question answering programs like Watson.

“[Our event] was one of the best attended events and we got many excellent questions from the audience.

“It was fantastic to be flown to Beijing for a panel on AI ethics at the main conference in the field.  It shows that AI is really maturing as a discipline and takes its ethical responsibilities seriously.”

For further information on the conference please visit the IJCAI website.

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