Bath Science Café: Urban gulls - so what’s the solution then?

The next Science Café on Monday 9 September will explore an issue close to many Bath resident’s hearts - the city’s gull problem.

During this science cafe, gull specialist Peter Rock will talk about the years of work he has done assessing urban gull populations, and the current urban gull issue being experienced in Bath and across the country.

Peter has been colour-ringing urban gull nestlings for more years than he cares to remember and will share what he has discovered about this often pesky species.

The city of Bath has 1,100 pairs of gulls, and as most of its residents are aware, they have presented one or two problems!

However, Peter will explore how the situation developed, the way we invited the gulls into our towns, and how we're now trying to rescind that invitation.

Peter’s research looks at the breeding habits of the birds with the hope of uncovering possible solutions to the problems they cause.

Come along to share your experiences of Bath’s gull problem, to learn more about these birds, and we’re sure you'll have a question or two for Peter too!

Bath Science Cafe is a free event that takes place at The Raven in the centre of Bath at 7:30pm. For more information please visit

The official Twitter hashtag is #BathSciCafe.


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