We have launched our first free open online courses

We can now announce that we will be running our first ‘MOOCs’ - Massive Open Online Courses - through the FutureLearn platform which launched on Wednesday 18 September.

Fast growing global interest in MOOCs over the past two years, with providers like the United States ‘edX’ revolutionising the delivery of higher education, has shown that current MOOC students are international, of a wide range of ages and from all walks of life.

FutureLearn is the first UK-led provider of MOOCs, and unveiled its first set of courses this week following the launch of the ‘live Beta’ phase of its website. The organisation already has potential learners from 140 countries signed up ready to take part in courses, highlighting the global demand for free, open, online courses from top UK universities like Bath.

The first courses available to learners through FutureLearn cover a range of topics, including literature, history, social sciences, computing and IT, environment and sustainability, marketing, psychology and the physical sciences.

Feedback from learners who study the first set of courses will be used to further develop the platform ahead of its full launch in Spring 2014.

We are contributing two courses to the platform, titled ‘Inside cancer: how genes influence cancer development’ and ‘Make an impact: sustainability for professionals’.

Both courses are six weeks long, are open to anyone, and require very little previous knowledge of the subjects. Learners will be taught by University of Bath lecturers and will gain a good grounding of the subject area

Professor Bernie Morley, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching, said: “The growth of MOOCs in recent years has been significant and is changing the landscape of higher education learning. The FutureLearn platform gives the general public access to University level study, and the very latest knowledge from world-class researchers.”

The University of Bath’s two MOOCs are available to sign up to now, and teaching will begin during the spring term. Classes are delivered online through a range of media including video, slides, quizzes and discussions.

If you’re interested in taking any of the courses available through the FutureLearn platform please see https://www.futurelearn.com/.

If you’re interested in helping us promote our first MOOCs please do tweet using the hashtag #FutureLearn and either #FLSusDevBath or #FLgenesBath for the two courses, linking to Bath’s FutureLearn pages. Alternatively, please do tell your LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ communities about our new programmes.

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