Printing services for students and staff

Alternative printing options to be made available when the Managed Print Service (MPS) is not working.

Due to continuing problems with the MPS, steps are being urgently explored to provide alternative printing options for students and staff at what is a particularly busy and important stage in the academic year.

The University is working intensively with the service provider (Canon) to identify and resolve the problems which are acknowledged to be causing significant levels of frustration for all users.

Contingency plans against further interruptions to the reliability of the service are set out below.  These arrangements will only apply when the MPS system is down.

Alternative printing facilities located in the University Library - being implemented

  • Computing Services are configuring some printers in the Library to operate outside the Managed Print Network.
  • In the event of an MPS failure, students with urgent hand-in deadlines will be able to bring their assignment saved onto a USB stick to the Library, where it will be printed by a designated member of staff.
  • It is anticipated that this service will be operational by the end of this week (w/c March 24).
  • Opening hours for the Library Copy & Print service are 9am-5pm. Extended opening hours and further locations for this service will be investigated if required.

Development of alternative printing facilities elsewhere in the University (e.g. departments, Faculty offices and the School of Management) - being investigated

  • The intention is to set up a number of printers in identified areas to operate outside the Managed Print Network.
  • It is anticipated that this service will start to be rolled out during next week (w/c March 31). Further information will be provided shortly.

Subsidised access for students to commercial print services in Bath - being investigated

  • The University is currently identifying commercial printers willing to print student assignments on request.
  • The cost of printing will be subsided by the University to ensure parity with the services provided on campus.
  • A list of commercial printers and further information will be published shortly.

Routine administrative printing requirements will be out-sourced to release capacity for urgent printing of assignments - being investigated

  • To reduce pressure on the MPS and the service provided by the University Print Unit (IDPS), routine requirements will be out-sourced to commercial print providers where this can be done without inconveniencing the work of University committees 

The University Print Unit remains available for specialist or urgent printing requirements - available now

  • The University Print Unit located in 8W 1.35 is continuing to accept print orders on request.
  • Please note that capacity in the Print Unit is currently at full stretch due to the need to manage the additional demand created by the instability of the MPS so as much notice as possible is appreciated.

Further information on the above arrangements will be provided as it becomes available. Posters explaining the alternative options will be placed in prominent locations around campus.

On behalf of the Managed Print Service Steering Group I am grateful to all members of the University community for their continued patience whilst these contingency plans are put in place.

Thank you.

Diane Aderyn

Director of Finance and Commercial Services
Chair, Managed Print Service Steering Group

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