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Low-carbon buildings - New Centre for Doctoral Training

A new Centre for Doctoral Training in Decarbonisation of the Built Environment has been launched by the EPSRC

Mathematical Sciences is collaborating with DNV GL

Dr Tony Shardlow, Department of Mathematical Sciences, has just started a collaborative project with DNV GL, funded by this company and the University of Bath’s EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account.

Maintenance affects some IT services: Till 6pm Mon 2 Jun

We are carrying out maintenance on our identity system that ensures the records available for staff and students at the University are current

Alumni Fund grants awarded

A panel of alumni donors, student sabbatical officers and University staff met this month to award 15 Alumni Fund grants

University drug offers huge potential for women’s health

A recent clinical study on a drug designed at the University has confirmed its potential in targeting the gynaecological disease endometriosis.

National Flipping Conference held at University

The first national conference on Flipping (the inverted classroom) was hosted at the University of Bath recently by the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Office (LTEO)

New centre aims to design low-carbon buildings for the future

A new Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Decarbonisation of the Built Environment will be launched today at the University.

Grammar schools widen inequality

The grammar school system has widened the gap between rich and poor, according to a new study

Grammar schools helped to create a more unequal society, research suggests

Our research suggests the English grammar school system has widened the gap between rich and poor.

Special staff offer on physiotherapy

This summer Team Bath are offering University staff 25% off the full price of an initial 45 minute consultation with our physiotherapy team

Make a Difference Awards winner

This year the Chaplaincy has been able to offer up to three £1,000 awards to students who are prepared to make a difference to other peoples’ lives abroad or in the UK

Staff: register to process at summer graduations by 11 Jun

If you are a member of staff and you would like to process at the summer graduation ceremonies please follow these instructions.

Electricity outages: 5 to 11 June

An electricity supply upgrade means all power will be switched off to buildings & facilities at different times

Tracking drug usage through sewage system

We're using the latest technology to monitor illicit drug use across Europe by analysing waste water

East Car Park - part closure: 6pm 30 May

A section of the East Car Park will be closed off from 6pm on Friday 30 May

Pioneering computer science student

David Wilson, a postgraduate student from our Department of Computer Science, has been chosen as a finalist in the ‘Technology Everywhere’ category of this year’s UK ICT Pioneers.

Study tracks illicit drug use through Europe’s sewage system

Researchers from our Department of Chemistry have published the largest study monitoring drug usage across Europe through sewage as part of a Europe-wide consortium of researchers. The scientists used highly sensitive mass spectroscopy techniques to look for tiny traces of biomarkers for five illicit drugs in waste water from approximately 8 million people, revealing marked regional variations in drug use patterns.

Supplier Expo 2014: Wed 11 Jun

The Supplier Expo is a showcase of all the University's contracted suppliers and internal service providers.

National Student Survey winners

As part of this year's National Student Survey (NSS), five lucky students have won prizes following their completion of the survey

Amy Williams inducted to Hall of Fame

Olympic Winter Games gold medallist is the first female athlete to be inducted to our new Hall of Fame