PhD student wins Fundamental Research poster prize

Giannina Espina, a final-year PhD student from our Department of Biology & Biochemistry, has won an Outstanding Student Presentation in Fundamental Research poster prize.

The prize was awarded at the recent international conference - 36th Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals - held in Clearwater, Florida, USA, which she attended with one of her supervisors, Professor Michael Danson.

Her poster entitled Xylan-degrading enzymes from Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius, an ethanologenic thermophile, describes her research into creating biofuel from plant material (cellulose and xylan) using the bacterium Geobacillus.

Posters were judged on the quality of the science, the relevance to the theme of the Symposium, the verbal explanation given to the judges and the clarity and appearance of the poster itself. 

Giannina’s research, co-supervised by Professor Danson and Dr Susan Crennell, has been published in a prestigious crystallography journal Acta Crystallographica and came into print during the Symposium.

As well as support from the Department of Biology & Biochemistry, Giannina received travel grants from the Biochemical Society and the Society for General Microbiology to attend.

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