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Free lectures on campus in November

All lectures are open to members of the public, staff and students and are free unless otherwise stated.

John Troyer talks about the commercial god, Halloween

The Conversation has published an article by Dr John Troyer from our Centre of Death & Society: 'It seems no cultural traditions involving death are safe from that commercial god, Halloween'

First newsletter for 10 West project

Read news about trees, hoardings and energy efficiency as the project gets underway.

Video interview about The Hive

Technology4Change have created a video interview with Dr Mike Lawrence from the BRE Centre for Innovative Materials about our new facility to test the resilience of sustainable materials

Conventional police interviews not helpful for those with autism

Research from our Department of Psychology has highlighted challenges for police in interviewing witnesses and suspects with autism.

Police interview techniques not effective for people with autism

Research from our Department of Psychology has highlighted challenges for police in interviewing witnesses and suspects with autism.

Bath participates in worldwide MegaMenger build

Organiser Ben Sparks said: "It's been an amazingly successfully week. We've had primary students building with maths professors, undergraduates and postgraduates mixing with secondary school pupils, and students mixing with university staff all week - including the Vice-Chancellor - all discussing maths while building cubes.”

Comp Sci moves back to newly refurbished 1 West

Our Department of Computer Science has recently moved from its temporary home in the East Building back to the newly refurbished 1 West.

GW4 universities’ collaboration celebrated

The GW4 Alliance, which brings together the combined strengths of the universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter, held its official launch at the House of Commons last night (Wednesday).

10 West Project Newsletter

Welcome to the first newsletter for the 10 West project.

Calling first-years from Management & Humanities! Share your experience & earn £20

The Department of Marketing & Communications is keen to understand students' experiences when they applied to universities.

Lucky student wins £500 for giving feedback on teaching

Bath's unit evaluation survey, which enables students to provide anonymous feedback on their experience of all taught units, has seen an increased response rate: 45%, up 12% from last year.

Update from Council - 23 October 2014

A report of items discussed at the recent meeting of the University's Council is now available.

How technology influences warfare

Last week, Professor David Galbreath, Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, delivered his inaugural lecture on the role of technology in modern warfare.

Fish are smarter than we once thought

Psychology researchers report first evidence that fish can process multiple objects simultaneously

New research reveals fish are smarter than we thought

Researchers in Psychology have reported the first evidence that fish are able to process multiple objects simultaneously.

Vice-Chancellor visits staff in Psychology

"An excellent department: your student satisfaction scores & very significant upswing in research grants"

Sandpit - Time out for Physics & Chemistry researchers

Five research officers and associates from the Physics and Chemistry Departments came together for a “Sandpit” for five days to get away from the immediate work environment and take the first steps towards writing a fellowship/grant application.

Professor James Davenport featured in Computing Reviews

Computing Reviews have published an article on their blog titled 'Featured in Five' where they pose five questions to their featured reviewer.

How can investigating Britain for Iraq crimes save the ICC?

Mattia Cacciatori, PhD candidate in Conflict Resolution & Transitional Justice, discusses the court’s investigation into war crimes allegedly carried out by British forces during the Iraq War in an article in The Conversation.