Unsolicited email received from Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Bath

A number of students have expressed concern to the University and the Students’ Union that they have received, via their University email account, an unsolicited email from the Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate for Bath.

An investigation led by the University Secretary has identified that the email addresses were provided to the Lib Dems by a student at the University.

The Lib Dem party in Bath have apologised for the incident to the University, to students and also to the other parties in Bath. The email addresses have been deleted from their records.

In order to enable students and staff to contact each other via email the University’s existing policy is to make University email addresses available to students and staff via person finder. This is not unusual within the Higher Education sector.  Individuals’ full names and course details are not visible to those who access person finder from outside the University network.

The act of obtaining the email addresses was not in itself a breach of the University’s data protection policy. Details of the University policy and guidance on data protection and whom to contact can be found here: http://www.bath.ac.uk/data-protection/index.html

The University is consulting with the Students’ Union as to whether the policy of making University email addresses available to all students via person finder continues to be in the best interests of students.

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