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Come to our second IAA launch event: 16 Sep

Could your research insights improve or change practice or policy in a particular sector? Is there potential to develop existing research into a commercial product?

Royal Medal for former Dean Jocelyn Bell Burnell

The Royal Society has awarded leading astrophysicist Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell a Royal Medal.

Week two of ideas scheme & going strong

Over 40 ideas so far with plenty of debate & almost 800 votes on the best ways to improve our IT

New fossil: How did snakes lose their legs?

A newly discovered fossil of a four-legged snake gives insights into how snakes evolved from lizards

Hello from the Vice President (Implementation)

Read Steve Egan's first blog giving an insight into his role & sharing some of the stories he's heard

Celebrating Canaletto: free entry this weekend

Students and staff are being offered free entry to a prestige weekend of events highlighting the works of Italian artist, Canaletto at The Holburne Museum.

Four-legged snake fossil shows how snakes lost their legs

A team of scientists including Dr Nick Longrich (Biology & Biochemistry) have discovered a fossil of a four-legged snake, which gives insights into how snakes evolved from lizards.

Investigating skincare products on Trust Me, I’m a Doctor

Professor Richard Guy and PhD student Sarah Cordery from our Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology appeared on this week's ‘Trust Me, I’m a Doctor’ on BBC2.

CSCT collaboration with Bath Spa graphic comms students

The aim of the collaboration is to develop the CSCT public engagement exhibits that the team takes to science festivals so that they are more engaging, functional and robust.

UN exam success for our interpreting & translating graduates

Two graduates, Katherine Nield and Jaya Mishra, from our MA Interpreting & Translating course have passed highly competitive UN French and Russian interpreting exams.

Emma's blog: FameLab, a bootcamp & the macarena

In this CSCT blog, second-year student Emma Sackville talks about her personal experience of making it to the UK final of this year's FameLab competition by using the macarena and Frozen to demonstrate crystallisation.

How Britain’s youngest MP became political star

Benjamin Bowman (PoLIS) writes for The Conversation.

New phone number for Medical Centre: 01225 789100

Please update your contact lists.

Associate Dean for Research (Science)

Congratulations to Professor Chick Wilson who will take up the role on 1 August for a period of three years

Quick fire physics explainers

Our academics have been involved in a project to provide quick fire physics explainers by video for Physics World magazine, as part of the UN International Year of Light.

GW4 guide to research collaboration

Learn from the advice & real world stories of academics from the universities in the GW4 Alliance

Experts explore novel approaches to recycling plastics

The second workshop for the ' TransAtlantic Discovery, Characterisation and Application of Enzymes for the Recycling of Polymers and Composites' project (funded by the Global Innovation Initiative (GII)) brought together world experts in the fields of enzymes and bioprocessing, along with Bath academics from Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biology & Biochemistry.

National recognition for PhD candidate

Rita Griffiths won 'best postgraduate paper' at the recent Social Policy Association conference

'Molecular sponge' advancement in storing hydrogen

Researchers at our University have discovered that hydrogen absorbed in specialised carbon nanomaterials can achieve extraordinary storage densities at moderate temperatures and pressures.

Graduate & academic on importance of studying social sci

Recent graduate John Wood talks about his year-long placement at the statistics department of the House of Commons library & Susan Harkness discusses policy-making in an article in The Guardian.