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Oxford University Press celebrates Yoda the Owl

In celebration of Yoda’s achievement and in honour of owls everywhere for international owl awareness day on 4th August, Oxford University Press has put together a collection of articles, chapters, and reference entries, all inspired by owls.

Free course: Sign up for our Make an Impact MOOC

Our popular six-week online course is being rerun from 17 August; it covers the basic definitions and history of sustainable development and sustainability in business - from a niche interest to the present day.

Mental health ‘labels’ can do more harm than good

Certain mental health labels may be having adverse, negative effects on the patients diagnosed with them, according to new research from our psychologists.

IT maintenance affects Matlab & Mathematica: Tue 18 Aug

Matlab and Mathematica will be unavailable due to essential upgrades 7am-9am

Jan Bartu joins Team Bath Hall of Fame

Jan Bartu, Pentathlon GB’s National Performance Director, inducted into our Hall of Fame for Sport

Mech Eng welcomes Professor Jose Serrano

Professor Jose Serrano from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia is visiting the Department of Mechanical Engineering as a Royal Academy of Engineering Distinguished Visiting Fellow.

International funding award winners announced

Congratulations to all those who have won FAPESP-Bath and Accelerating International Research Collaboration awards.

Professor Carole Mundell talks to BBC Radio Bristol

Professor Carole Mundell talks to BBC Radio Bristol's Steve Yabsley about astrophysics and her own journey into the field.

Free tickets for Modern Pentathlon European Championships

We are delighted to be hosting the prestigious Modern Pentathlon European Championships on campus from Tuesday 18 to Sunday 23 August.

Taking children out of school during term time

Dr Janet Goodall, Department of Education, talks to BBC Wiltshire about parental involvement in children's learning and the challenges and questions about taking children out of school for holidays during term time.

Ground-breaking research school in Mongolia

SAMBa co-Director Andreas Kyprianou helped organise the first large international mathematical meeting held in Mongolia since the fall of communism in 1990. It marks the beginning of a new era of Mongolian mathematics in light of recent social and economic development.

4 East South & 10 West - project updates

The latest news about progress on our two new buildings.

Welcome to new staff who joined us in July

The new starters update gives the name, job title & department of all new members of staff who started with us in July 2015. Enjoy your time at the University!

Final week of Ideahub: have you voted yet?

Just one week left to submit ideas & vote for your favourite suggestions to improve our IT services

New research to improve solar cells

New research from Professors Saiful Islam and Aron Walsh (Chemistry) could lead to more efficient solar cells.

Michael Proulx helps blind people take sonic holiday snaps

New Scientist reports how Dr Michael Proulx (Psychology) has been working with blind people using the vOICe system to investigate how visual parts of the brain are able to substitute input from other senses.

Should freshers reveal autism diagnosis?

Students with autism going to university will be better supported if they reveal their diagnosis

Why revealing an autism diagnosis is advisable when going to university

New research from our psychologists shows the experience of university for students with asd or autism is better better when they talk about their condition.

Closure of East Extension Car Park: 16 - 24 Aug

We need to close the car park because we are hosting the prestigious Modern Pentathlon European Championships 2015 on campus Tuesday 18 - Sunday 23 August 2015.

Saarbrücken seeks our Fairtrade advice

University staff recently hosted a gathering of Fairtrade delegates from Germany, BANES council and Bradford-on-Avon.