DSA conference to explore evolving international development agenda

This week, in the same month that new UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for development are set to be ratified, an international audience of development academics and professionals will gather in Bath for the 2015 UK Development Studies Association Annual Conference.

Hosted in Bath for only the second time by our Centre for Development Studies (CDS), the Conference entitled ‘Global Development as Relationship: Dependence, Interdependence or Divide?’ will feature keynote speeches delivered by leading experts in the field.

Opening the Conference, a keynote on Monday 7 September from renowned academic Professor James Ferguson of Stanford University will focus on the topic of his latest book ‘A Rightful Share: Beyond Gift and Market in the Politics of Distribution.’ At the end of a packed two-day event, Professor Branko Milanovic from City University New York, will tackle trends in global inequality and their political implications.

Over two days, parallel sessions will explore many different aspects of the complexities and contradictions of relationships involved in global development. These will look at areas including food policy and diet, how politics shapes inclusion in social policy, studying and promoting wellbeing as part of development, and evaluating aid effectiveness.

Other sessions, chaired by Bath academics and colleagues from partner institutions, will focus on the topical areas of labour relations in development, migration and the role of the media in shaping perceptions.

Event convenor and CDS Director Dr Susan Johnson said: “At a time when international leaders are preparing to ratify a new set of sustainable development goals, the upcoming DSA Conference at Bath offers an important opportunity for us to analyse the critical relationships and underlying global dynamics that determine outcomes of international policy goals.

“With a stellar line-up of speakers and contributors over two days, at the Centre for Development Studies we’re excited to be facilitating this year’s Annual Conference.”

The UN General Assembly is set to ratify 17 SDGs at its meeting in New York in September. Goal 10 of these – to reduce inequality within and among countries – is new and, development experts argue, critical to ensure future development targets are sustainable and effective for countries pursuing paths to economic growth alongside social justice.

This year CDS at Bath celebrated its 40th Anniversary. An event to celebrate its successes since 1975 asked ‘What is development about in an unequal world?’

To find out more about the upcoming DSA Conference at Bath, taking place over 7-8 September, see http://www.bath.ac.uk/sps/events/news_0094.html

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