Update from Senate - 2 Dec 2015

The following issues were discussed at the recent meeting of Senate.

Membership - Senate welcomed N. N. Tarun Chakravorty, the recently elected Postgraduate student representative on Senate. It also noted that Prof Chick Wilson had been elected until July 2017 to replace Prof Tony Dooley who has now left the University.

The Vice-Chancellor gave a report on key issues for the University, including the outcome of the recent Comprehensive Spending review. There was an update from Professor Bernie Morley on student facilities issues.

University Strategy - Senate noted the direction of travel for the new University Strategy following on from the October Council Strategy Day meeting.

The Shape of the Academic Year in its wider context – Professor Bernie Morley explained that the working group had based their discussions on the following:

  • Ensuring flexibility in the curriculum and its delivery;
  • Increasing time for research for staff;
  • Improving the student learning experience.

The focus going forward would be to reduce and diversify assessment practices; constraints would need to be removed in order to facilitate this.

Equality and Diversity – Senate noted the Annual Report of the Equality and Diversity Committee; the Statement of Equality Objectives Annual Report 2014/15 as approved by Council and the new Statement of Equality Objectives 2016-18.

Regulations – Senate approved amendments to Regulation 18, the Freedom of Expression Code of Practice, subject to the Prevent Working Group reviewing two points raised and agreeing any amendments to the wording. It also approved minor amendments to Regulation 3, 8 and 16 and noted the amendments to Regulation 15 from 1 December as approved by the Vice-Chancellor. The revised Regulations can be found at:http://www.bath.ac.uk/regulations/

Research Postgraduate Ombudsman - Senate noted the annual report for 2014/15, which showed an increase in caseload for the Ombudsman, although the actual numbers were still small. It noted its appreciation of the useful service provided by Professor M Threadgill and Dr I Turner.

Research Institutes - Senate noted the annual reports of the Institute for Policy Research and Institute for Mathematical Innovation.

New Academic Programmes - On the recommendation of the Programmes and Partnerships Approval Committee, Senate agreed to grant full and final approval to the following new Programmes with effect from 2016/17:

  • MSc Sustainable Chemical Engineering
  • PGDip Sustainable Chemical Engineering (exit award only)
  • PGCert Sustainable Chemical Engineering (exit award only)
  • MSc Computer Science.
  • PGDip Computer Science (exit award only)
  • MSc Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • PGDip Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (exit award only)
  • PGCert Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (exit award only)
  • MSc Business Analytics
  • PGDip Business Analytics (exit award only)
  • PGCert Business Analytics (exit award only)

International Foundation Year – Senate approved Study Group as a new partner organisation for the International Foundation Year.

Internationalisation – Senate noted an update on implementation of the University’s International Strategy from Professor Colin Grant.

Appointments – Senate approved the appointment of Professor Nicholas Kinnie to Court until 31 July 2018.

Refugee Scholarships – The Chair of Senate had been presented with a letter requesting the University provide scholarships for refugees and it was agreed that the issue would be considered, with a report made to the next meeting.

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