Congratulations to our new Readers

Congratulations to the following staff who have been either promoted or translated to the position of Reader:

  • Dr Matthew Jones (Chemistry)
    Matthew's research interests encompass sustainable chemistry, novel catalysts for polymerisations and catalysts for the conversion of carbon dioxide to hydrocarbons. He has received funding from the EPSRC and industry. In 2015 he was awarded the Mary Tasker teaching award and is currently Senior Tutor in the Department of Chemistry.
  • Dr Daniel Wolverson (Physics)
    The Wolverson Group has extensive experience of studying quantum sized multilayers and has very recently dived into two new and interrelated areas: ferrimagnetic semiconductors and two-dimensional layered semiconductors inspired by graphene, the second being a very hot topic at present. Our work towards the former has been recognised by DW being invited to join the University of Dortmund as a visiting guest researcher and the latter by the award of synchrotron beam time at the SOLEIL facility in Paris, together with an associated EPSRC award.
  • Dr Richard Ball (ACE)
    Richard’s interests focus on the development of sustainable construction materials, utilisation of waste materials by the construction industry and novel technologies such as 3D printing buildings using drones.  His work also addresses environmental issues of indoor air quality and the effects of atmospheric pollutants on historic buildings.
  • Dr James Betts (Health)
    James conducts human research trials in the area of nutrition and metabolism, with a particular interest in the health consequences of modified eating patterns (i.e. chrononutrition). In December 2015 he was awarded the Cuthbertson Medal at the Royal Society of Medicine for excellence in clinical nutrition research. He contributes towards teaching across a wide range of degree programmes and units at the University, in particular delivering a lecture series in nutrition to final year undergraduates.
  • Dr Afroditi Stathi (Health)
    Afroditi’s research interests cover the promotion of active ageing and the development of lifestyle interventions targeting lifelong health and well-being. She currently leads Project REACT, a full-scale pragmatic multi-centre randomised controlled trial, funded by the National Institute for Health Research. Afroditi’s research is firmly based on public engagement and multidisciplinary partnerships. Externally Afroditi is a member of the International Citizen Science Leadership Task Force and a member of the Scientific Committee of the European College of Sport Science.
  • Dr Weijia Yuan (Electronic & Electrical Engineering)
    Dr Weijia Yuan 's research covers electrical power applications of superconductivity including energy storage, fault current limiters and power transmission cables. He holds a prestigious research fellowship awarded by the Royal Academy of engineering to investigate superconductor-battery energy storage systems during 2013-18
  • Dr Chris Chuck (Chemical Engineering)
    Chris investigates the production of novel biofuels, foodstuffs and bioproducts from waste resources. His main projects include converting waste agricultural residues into a palm oil substitute using oleaginous yeast, developing and testing novel aviation biofuels from lignocellulose and using microalgae to remediate toxic metal waste before converting the algae into a bio-oil, renewable fertiliser and recycling the metals.
  • Dr Andrew Weyman (Psychology)
    Andy’s research interests are in the psychology of risk – decision making, communication and human error in the areas of: managing public concerns, human error and systems perspectives on individual and institutional resilience in work organisations. His current research includes MRC funded research on the implications of the aging workforce of health sector employees and the NHS; related ESRC research, and recent research funded by DWP, HSE, NHS, NIHR and Defra. His work for the DWP was cited as a high impact case study in the Academy of Social Sciences Professional Briefing: ‘The Impact of Social Science Research’, 2013.

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