Update from Senate - November 2016

The following issues were discussed at the recent meeting of Senate:

Membership - Senate welcomed Charlotte Russell, the recently elected student representative on Senate, and Dr Bruce Rayton, the new Chair of Programmes and Partnerships Approval Committee. It was agreed Professor Andrew Heath, Academic Director of the Centre for Learning and Teaching, would be invited to attend Senate meetings in future.

Update - The Vice-Chancellor gave a report on key issues for the University, including the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF2).

University Strategy - Senate noted the new Education and Research Strategies had been approved by Council at its October meeting.

Admissions 2016 - Senate discussed the student intake figures, noting the stabilisation of undergraduate numbers.

Quality Assurance – Senate discussed the draft Annual Provider Review, part of the new Revised Operating Model for Quality Assessment (ROMQA) and recommended it to Council for approval.

Postgraduate Survey - Senate discussed the results of the HEA Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES), which were generally positive, and the action plans being developed.

Research Postgraduate Ombudsman - Senate noted the annual report for 2015/16, which showed a small increase in caseload for the Ombudsman, although the actual numbers were still low.

Regulations – Senate approved in principle a change to the Regulations for Students for 2017, such that postgraduate research students initially registered at the University on or after 1 August 2016 would be required to complete a data management plan and the University’s online research integrity training. New postgraduate research students had had notice of the requirement in their Handbook before they started.

Equality and Diversity – Senate noted the Annual Report of the Equality and Diversity Committee and the Annual Report on progress against the Statement of Equality Objectives. including Athena SWAN activities.

Code of Ethics - Senate approved a revised Code of Ethics subject to consideration of some minor wording amendments.

Committee Terms of Reference - Senate approved revised terms of reference for Ethics Committee and Research Committee.

Honorary Titles – Senate approved the conferment of the title of Honorary Professor on Dr Christopher Jones and Professor Marjorie Weiss.

AP, 2016

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