Prevent Duty in HE: online training

Following the introduction in September 2015 of the Prevent Duty, which requires Higher Education Institutions to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism, the University introduced its Prevent Policy and updated its Code of Practice on Freedom of Expression.

One of the key requirements of the Prevent Duty is to ensure that relevant staff receive appropriate training so that they are able to recognise when someone might be at risk of being drawn into terrorism.

To this end, HEFCE commissioned the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education to develop an e-learning module which provides an introduction to the Prevent Duty in Higher Education.

This e-learning module is hosted on Moodle.

All members of staff are encouraged to undertake this module, and it would be particularly useful for those who have frequent and direct contact with students, whether in an academic context or in any other area of student life.

Members of staff who are required to undertake the training module will be contacted by their line manager in due course.  If you experience any difficulties in accessing the training module please email

If you have any concerns about a vulnerable student you should follow the advice in the guidance for supporting students in distress.  Any concerns about a member of staff being vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism should be reported to the University Secretary at

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