Latest promotions to Senior Lecturer

Congratulations to the following staff who have recently been promoted to Senior Lecturer:

Dr Paul Shepherd, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering
Paul is a truly interdisciplinary researcher, with projects spanning fields in Architecture, Maths, Computing and Civil, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering.  He works closely with industry to develop ways of using computers to design better buildings, in terms of using less material in their structure and using less energy in their operation.  Paul teaches Maths and Programming to undergraduate Civil Engineers, where he puts into practice the skills he gained working towards SFHEA status.  He supervises a large number of cross-discipline PhD students and is the department's Director of Studies for Postgraduate Research.  Outside the university, Paul is a passionate Public Engagement advocate, regularly talking to audiences of over 1000 school pupils about the range of exciting and interesting careers available to those who study and research STEM subjects.

Dr Philip Shields, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
Philip’s research interests currently focus on the development of novel large-area nanoscale patterning techniques within the David Bullett Nanofabrication Facility. These are applied to semiconductor optoelectronics materials such as gallium nitride in order to improve the material quality and device performance. He leads an EPSRC Manufacturing Advanced Functional Materials grant that brings together several UK universities and EU research institutions, and is deputy director of the Bath’s new Centre for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology.

Dr Wali Aslam, Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies
Wali’s research interests lie in the field of International Security Studies. His recent work focuses on counterterrorism and drone warfare with a particular focus on the receiving-end consequences of American drone strikes in different theatres. Wali was the winner of the University’s Innovation in Learning and Teaching Award 2015. He also heads the Departmental research group on Conflict, Security and International Order.

Dr Felia AllumDepartment of Politics, Languages & International Studies

Dr Andy Thompson, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology
Andy’s research focusses on the high-field NMR study of the duplex adducts formed by reacting DNA interactive ligands with small pieces of duplex DNA. He also provides molecular modelling and drug design input into several research projects within the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Andy is currently the Admissions Tutor for the MPharm degree and jointly chairs the UK Pharmacy Schools Council Admissions Group. Andy has been extensively involved in the redesign on the Bath MPharm degree and teaches across all four years of the program in analytical and medicinal chemistry, oncology and clinical pharmacy.

Dr Laura Smith, Department of Psychology
Laura is a social and organisational psychologist, with expertise in socialisation and radicalisation processes, and the development of social identification and trust. Over the past 12 years, she has investigated identity and trust formation in multiple organisations, in experiments with small interactive groups, and in naturalistic ‘big data’ online. Her research involves social media data analysis, longitudinal field work with industry partners, and laboratory experiments. She was awarded a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship in 2016-7 and is an affiliate member of the Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST).

Dr Peter Mosley, Department of Physics
Peter Mosley’s research group works in quantum photonics - the study and control of light at the single photon level. Recent developments include building a source of single photons in optical fibre that incorporates active switching to increase the number of photons delivered - critical for deploying next-generation quantum information processing technologies. Peter is the current Director of the Centre for Photonics and Photonic Materials and is a member of the Oxford-led Networked Quantum Information Technologies Hub. He was awarded the 2014 University of Bath John Willis Award for teaching and research.

Dr Kei Takashina, Department of Physics
Kei is an experimental condensed matter physicist specialising in semiconductor transport but recently also branching out into liquids and mesophases. He is interested in how host structures determine how things move, microscopically, macroscopically and mesoscopically. (Keywords: Valleytronics, spintronics, polarisation, two-dimensional electron systems, electron-hole systems, silicon, silicon-on-insulator, SOI, dual gates, CMOS, resistivity, mobility, Hall measurements, Quantum Hall effect, localisation, edge-channels, magneto-transport, low-temperature experiments, high magnetic field, ratchets, transition boiling, Leidenfrost effect, droplets, wetting, phytantriol, lyotropic mesophases, micellar, lamellar, gyroid, diamond cubic, ionic transport, templating, mesoscopic physics).

Dr Andrew Johnson, Department of Chemistry
Dr Andrew Johnson is now a Senior Lecturer in Inorganic and Materials Chemistry and Director of Postgraduate Studies in the Department of Chemistry. His research interests are directed towards the development of innovative new routes to inorganic materials, and the development of novel molecular precursors which can be used in the deposition of films, using chemical vapour, aerosol and atomic layer deposition techniques, to produce a wide range of materials with potential application in homogeneous catalysis and hydrogen evolution, semiconducting microelectronics, photovoltaics and energy storage and harvesting materials.

Dr Susanne Gebhard, Department of Biology & Biochemistry
Susanne’s research focusses on how bacteria respond to antibiotics in their environment and switch on the appropriate resistance genes. Together with international collaborators, she combines molecular and biochemical approaches with mathematical modelling to gain an understanding of the complex regulatory networks that make bacteria so resilient towards antibiotic attack. Her work is funded by the BBSRC. In addition to teaching medical microbiology in the Department of Biology and Biochemistry, she is involved in outreach and public engagement activities.

Dr Katie Dunworth, Department of Education
Katie has a broad interest in applied linguistics and TESOL. She is particularly involved with research into concepts of academic literacy and English language proficiency and is currently working on a project relating to intercultural communication. She is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Dr Trevor Grimshaw, Department of Education
Trevor’s research is in the area of international language education. His recent research projects and publications have focused on language and identity (including the critique of ‘the East Asian learner’ stereotype) and the role of intercultural communication in the internationalization of higher education. He is leader of the Language and educational Practices (LEP) Research Cluster in the Department of Education and former Director of Studies of the MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA TESOL).

Congratulations to the following staff who have recently been promoted to Senior Teaching Fellow:

Sarah Jones, School of Management
Sarah has a track record of delivering high quality, engaging teaching in a range of Accounting units.  Appointed as an Assessor on the Bath Scheme and Bath Course Tutor and as Teaching Best Practice and Innovation Champion for the Division of Accounting, Finance and Law she is committed to contributing to the professional development of her colleagues.  She is keen to innovate in teaching and learning and has undertaken a number of initiatives to enhance the student experience of her units.  She is currently the Director of Studies for the BSc Business Administration programme and was awarded the School of Management’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 2016.

Jane Francis, Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies

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