Improvements to Uni waste storage

The Department of Estates is planning to install a waste compacting system on campus to reduce the volume of waste taken to landfill and the number of collection vehicles going to and from campus.

The compactors would be installed in the University's current waste compound site and covered by a canopy which would both hide it from view and provide an acoustic shield, although the equipment selected is low noise.

The installation with a canopy would require planning permission from B&NES, which the Department of Estates intends to apply for shortly.

These proposals, in line with best practice, are intended to reduce the volume of waste on our campus as part of the overall effort to reduce and eliminate waste wherever possible.

The University is already making significant improvements with recycling rates increasing from 36% to 54% in just two years:

More information can be found in the University's Energy and Environment Report 2017.

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