The Bath Award helps students step up their game when job-hunting

A group of proud students gathered in the 10W building last Thursday to celebrate all they have achieved by completing The Bath Award.

The University devised The Bath Award to boost students’ abilities when applying for jobs in an economic climate where good jobs attract hundreds of applicants.

Some of the students who have been successful in completing The Bath Award this year

The Bath Award gives students the chance to showcase to potential employers the skills they have learnt through volunteering, paid work, and a host of extra-curricular activities.

By completing the Award, students know how to make their job applications stronger, and it also acts as excellent preparation for interviews: Students say they find themselves lifting sections of writing straight from their Bath Award submission into application forms and report they have already thought of examples and experiences where they have demonstrated their employability skills to talk about at interview.

Once students pass The Bath Award, they are invited to attend the special annual award ceremony to celebrate their achievements.

Julie Fulepova, BSc (hons) Politics and International Relations, spoke at last Thursday’s ceremony:

“I first thought of completing The Bath Award as a way to stand out to employers when looking for internships, I wanted to step up my game in the application process. But now, more than the actual piece of paper, I value the work that went into receiving it.

Julie receives her certificate from Professor Peter Lambert, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching)

“The Bath Award is not only a fantastic way to step out from the crowd during the job hunting process, it also pushes you to challenge your personal horizons.

“When completing my skills evaluation, I had a chance to look back on my achievements and I gained a new sense of self-value and confidence in my ability to achieve my goals if I work hard enough.

“As an international student, and a person with a keen interest in international affairs, I was particularly happy that The Bath Team decided to expand their range of demonstrable skills with a Cultural Awareness strand this year.

“Cultural awareness is the ability to orient ourselves in a multicultural environment, and interact effectively and respectfully.

“With people coming to the University of Bath from nearly every country in the world, it creates a community, in which all of us have a unique opportunity to develop cultural awareness, appreciate our diversity and tackle cultural misconceptions.

“I am greatly honoured to be presented with The Bath Award, and I would strongly encourage my fellow students to take part in it as well."

Professor Peter Lambert, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching), presented the certificates at this year’s awards ceremony.

Speaking at the event, he said: “Achievement of The Bath Award will undoubtedly boost your employability and increase your ability to articulate your skills and achievements to employers. Congratulations on your success.”

The Bath Award is open to both undergraduates and postgraduates, it appears on your degree transcript and costs you nothing! Find out more and how to get involved yourself on The Bath Award webpages.

Here’s what some of the recipients of The Bath Award thought of the experience and why they recommend other students to participate:

Taneesha taught Bollywood dancing classes & performed at various events during her four years at university

  • Taneesha Mahajan - BSc (hons) Biology

“I decided to take part in The Bath Award because it is a prestigious qualification, prepares you for future job applications and adds to your credibility as a graduate. It also helped me reflect on my strengths and weaknesses and directed me to areas of improvement.

"The Bath Award team and the Students’ Union are extremely helpful in guiding and advising you during the whole process. I would highly recommend students to participate in The Bath Award, as it is a great way to make the most of your time at university.”

  • Gavin Dodla-Bhemah - MPharmacy

“I would strongly recommend The Bath Award to every student – it really helps you realise just how invaluable your extra-curricular activities at university are!”

Keon spent time working with children in Zambia as part of the IDEALS programme

  • Keon Richardson - BA (hons) Sport & Social Sciences

“The Bath Award has developed my maturity and professionalism to succeed in the Sport Development industry. It made me critically think about which area of sport I wanted to pursue after I graduate, and how I would strategically find opportunities to fulfil my desired graduate occupation. This Award is not only an amazing accolade to have on your CV and degree transcript, it helps you critically reflect on both your volunteering experiences and your graduate career, which ultimately prepares you to confidently articulate your experiences in job applications and interviews.

  • James Lee - MRes Bioscience

“The Bath Award was a great incentive for me to take part in volunteering in the community, something I put off for far too long during my undergraduate degree. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of trying to log the 100 hours of extra-curricular activity and got to meet plenty of great volunteers along the way too. I even surprised myself by completing the 100 hours in just 5 months, which despite being tough, helped me with my studies as it gave me the occasional break and less time to procrastinate!”

Aynsley: "My proudest achievement whilst working towards The Bath Award was gaining a certificate for public speaking - I had faced my fears & succeeded"

  • Aynsley Bernard - BSc (hons) Mathematical Sciences

“My Mathematics degree provides evidence of my skills in problem solving, time management and organisation whereas The Bath Award is a great way to display evidence of other transferable skills that are important to employers including communication, teamwork and leadership. The Award gave me an opportunity to display extra skills and to have a more well-rounded CV.”

  • Hemant Chudasama - MEng (hons) Aerospace Engineering

“It encourages you to engage in memorable events that you will fondly look back upon!”

The Bath Award is managed by the Students’ Union on behalf of the University.

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