Ten small-scale engagement projects

From citizen science activities measuring how much alcohol fruit flies drink to seagull puppets aimed at eliciting children’s attitudes towards seagulls. And from game-focused events developed around museum artefacts to dialogue events about microbial biotechnology, a range of small-scale, creative public engagement with research projects have drawn to a successful conclusion.

In autumn 2016, the University’s Public Engagement Unit funded 10 public engagement projects spanning the faculties and the School of Management, a total grant pot of £5,000. The seed fund call was aimed at researchers (including postgraduate researchers) new to, or with little experience of, public engagement.

Providing the perfect opportunity to give public engagement a go, to pilot new events or ideas or to reach new public groups, the call generated a wide variety of project ideas.

The 10 projects funded have written short blogs about their work, which can be accessed below:

Each year, the Public Engagement Unit provides over £25,000 in grants for public engagement projects. The grant call for 2017/2018 is currently being reviewed but will involve a sandpit call that will fund two, £10,000 projects alongside a micro-grant call aimed at instigating collaborations with non-academic partners.

If you would like to be the first to hear details about the 2017/2018 funding calls, register to the Public Engagement Network.

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