New Print Service now in place

We are pleased to confirm that all three tranches of the University Print Service (UPS) implementation have been completed successfully, with tranche 3 concluding 2 days ahead of schedule.

Thank you to all those involved in delivering the project – especially the UoB and Sharp UPS Project Teams, the Project Board, the Working Group, the department contacts that coordinated the transition in their department and IT Supporters. Thanks, too, to all staff and students, for your cooperation during the changeover.

Feedback  has been very positive, with many people commenting on the ease of transfer to the new system and on the features they like on the new printers.

You might be interested in some project information:

  • The ability to preview scans and have staple-less stapling has been welcomed
  • The flexibility available when scanning to and from USB sticks has proved popular – especially the ability to rotate the document on screen before printing and to create  scans as searchable pdfs
  • Many users have commented that the printers are quicker and quieter and like the pull out keyboard on the larger printers
  • Widespread user feedback requesting the return of the much loved ‘Print and Keep’ function has persuaded the software company (Pharos) to add this to their development road map. They hope to make it available by the end of 2017 – we’ll keep you posted on progress!
  • All departments reviewed their usage data and many decided to reduce the number of printers – we now have 310 printers across the University estate (a reduction of 68 printers!)

Now that the new printers are in use we’d welcome your feedback on the implementation process and on your experience of the printers and the service.

The feedback survey is available here:

We recognise that this is one of the busiest times of the year so the survey will remain open until the end of October but we’d really appreciate it if you could find a few minutes to help us improve future projects.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

Lots of useful information about the University Print Service can be found at If you have any questions please email

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