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Evaluation of social innovation learning pilots

Deans reappointed to School and Faculty

Professors Veronica Hope-Hailey and Gary Hawley to continue in role

Report from Council November 30

Polden development update

University nominated for animal research openness award

Why we lean to the right when we kiss

Psychology of kissing study may have wider implications for neuroscience & cognitive sciences

Wildlife conservation governance

Research shows protecting an area for wildlife can work, but only if there is robust political governance

Receive a free health plan by taking part in Uni study

Wildlife conservation needs effective governance more than GDP or space

Protecting an area for wildlife can work—but only if there is robust political governance. That’s the research conclusion of twenty-three years of bird counting by an international team of researchers, including a scientist from the Milner Centre for Evolution at the University of Bath and published in the journal Nature.

What matters to children's learning?

In advance of the schools application deadline, Dr Ceri Brown shares fresh insights into children’s learning

Children’s monthly workshops continuing in 2018

David Parkin Visiting Professorship 2018/19

Applications are invited for the David Parkin Visiting Professorship for the academic year 2018/19

University nominated for animal research openness award

The University of Bath was nominated for the ‘Media Engagement’ award at the recent Understanding Animal Research (UAR) Openness Awards.

Forcing the social care shake up

Once confined to academic circles, intergenerational issues in social care are the focus of a popular TV show

Uni delivers record number of interactive Discovery Dome shows

Thermal propulsion systems

The future of the internal combustion engine is a topic that always inspires intense debate

Successful Reaction Monitoring Symposium

2017 CR@B Seedcorn award winners

Should we fix Universal Credit?

In this blog Professor Jane Millar asks if we can fix Universal Credit and if we can, should we?

Christmas message from the VC

Dame Glynis reflects on the past year and looks ahead to what's to come in 2018