Please join our team of Open Day helpers

We are this year holding two consecutive Undergraduate Open Days in June, on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 June 2018.

The Open Day planning team are seeking colleagues willing to help at Welcome Points and to work alongside Student Ambassadors at various locations across campus.

These events are ever more critical to our success at recruiting undergraduate students and all those involved are working hard to ensure applicants visiting us for the first time leave with the right sort of impression.

What our visitors see and experience at an Undergraduate Open Day influences application decisions and we know that applicants who have attended one of our Open Days are more likely to make Bath their first choice as they have been impressed with the warm welcome from our staff and students, and with the wonderful facilities and campus we have to offer.

Welcoming visitors on Open Day is really rewarding and it is great to experience first-hand the enthusiasm of so many applicants to win a place at Bath.

If you can offer to help or want to find out more please email Events Officer Anna Mundell or call x3135

Your help and support is appreciated.

For those working on the day, the information below gives you details about parking and reimbursement for your time.


Academic staff will be given credit under their department’s Workload Allocation Model for attending. Any preparation time should be undertaken prior to the day. Alternatively, they will be granted time off in lieu for the hours worked.

Professional Services Staff on grades 1-9 who are not contracted / rostered to work on 23 June will be granted time off in lieu for the hours worked at a rate of time and a half for the hours worked provided that the hours worked that week exceed their contracted hours (FTE) for that week.

Where it is not possible to grant staff on grades 1-5 who are not contracted / rostered to work on 23 June time off in lieu, they will be paid at time and a half for the hours worked, provided that the hours worked that week exceed contracted hours (FTE) for that week.

Time off in lieu should normally be taken within one month of being accrued. However, as an exception, any time off in lieu for attending the Undergraduate Open Day can be taken up to Christmas 2018.

Staff Parking and Travel to campus

For those coming to campus on 22 and 23 June, please bear in the mind the extra pressure on the surrounding roads, car parking and public transport we can expect. If possible please consider public transport or car share as travel options.

Visitor cars will be directed to East, South and West car parks as normal where they can park or be directed on to over flow car parks on the grass fields. All parking is free on Undergraduate Open Days in all of the University’s car parks.

For those staff arriving later in the day who may struggle to find space to park, Security Services have allocated K car park for you to use. K car park is located to the rear of Brendon Court.

This car park will not be staffed and there is no need to use a special pass. Spaces in this car park will be on a first come first serve basis.

Many thanks for your help.

Professor Bernie Morley

Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Provost

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