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Email phishing attempt: gift card scam

We have been made aware that some members of staff have been receiving scam e-mails pretending to be from someone they know.

Dr Felia Allum on Last Half Hour: Naples

Dr Felia Allum appears on Last Half Hour to talk about Naples.

Brexit talk with Wera Hobhouse

Wera Hobhouse, MP for Bath will talk to all staff and students about Brexit.

Retirement - Planning for the Future - Wed 9 Jan 2019

Book your place using Employee Self-Service (ESS).

IPR Public Lecture: What is the ‘Will of the People’?

Listen to Anthony Barnett address the core question at the heart of Brexit.

Chaplaincy at 50: Inaugural lecture on plastic crisis

Micheal Pitts, Emmy Award winner, cinematographer and film producer, presents lecture on plastic crisis.

Ocean Cleanup won’t turn a profit, but we should still do it

Peter King, studying for a PhD in Economics, writes for the Conversation.

CASE members participate in first UK-China EC workshop

‘Membranes for energy and environmental applications’ was sponsored by the British Council and the National Natural Science Foundation of China

Three IMI students win prize for their undergraduate research posters

Over a hundred people dropped by to see the Institute for Mathematical Innovation's poster display of undergraduate research internship projects.

A passion for robotics: Patrick’s placement story

Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering student, Patrick McLaughlin, spent a year working as a Systems Engineer at the Centre for Modelling & Simulation.

Bacterial imaging probe is safe for patient use, study finds

Imaging technology that detects deadly pneumonia infections in under 60 seconds is safe and practical for clinical use, a study has found.

Obituary - Dr Richard Cooper

It is with great sadness that we confirm the death of Dr Richard Cooper, recently retired Reader from the Department of Biology & Biochemistry.

Help us improve the staff landing page

Take part in a card sorting exercise to help us improve the staff landing page

Creating the seven secrets of highly successful research students - for supervisors

What do doctoral students do to finish on time, to overcome isolation, doubt and writer's block, and to enjoy the process?

Shameless Self-Promotion

In this workshop you will learn strategies for: putting yourself out there, asking for what you want, taking responsibility – not waiting for it to happen, developing your one minute pitch and presenting yourself effectively for promotions, grants and awards.

IT maintenance affects the PAM function in Agresso

Friday 26 Oct, 1pm to 5pm

Consultation on size of Council

The Halpin Steering Group has been considering how best to implement a reduction in the size of Council

PAM phase two going live from 5 November

Proposal to Award Management (PAM) system downtime from midday 2 Nov to 9am 5 Nov

Study calls for tax hike on Roll-Your-Own cigarettes

The new study in the journal 'Drug and Alcohol Dependence' focused on taxation for roll-your-own tobacco, which the team say needs to increase in price.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service joint training exercise

We are holding a joint exercise on campus with Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AFRS) today (Friday 26 October)