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Internal News - 24 October 2005

Election of a member of manual staff to serve on University Court

There is a vacancy for one full-time member of MANUAL staff to serve on Court from 1 August 2005 to 31 July 2008.

Statutes of the University provide for three full-time members of staff who are not academic staff to serve on the Court of the University. i.e. one full-time member of staff from each of the following three categories:

Members of academic staff are separately represented on Court.

Court is the formal body representing the interests of the University’s constituencies. It has about 250 members, including representatives of local authorities, MPs, representatives of other universities, colleges, schools and the professions, members of the University Council and University Officers, and elected staff and student representatives.

The Court is thus a means whereby representatives of the community can be associated with the University. It also provides a public forum where members of Court can raise any matters of concern about the University.

This vacancy was first advertised in August 2005 and nominations were to be submitted by 14 October 2005. However, no nominations have been received to date.

The deadline for submission of nominations has therefore been extended to: MONDAY 7 NOVEMBER 2005 (BY 5 PM)

Nominations, signed by a proposer and seconder (who must also be full-time members of staff who are not academic staff) must be submitted to Mr J A Bursey, Registrar, Registrar's Office, Wessex House Level 6 by 5 pm on Monday 7 November 2005.