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Press Release - 26 October 2005

Employers delighted with Bath - new employers realise what they have been missing

The 2005-06 recruitment year looks set to be a boom one, and opened on a big scale at Bath last Thursday with a very successful Careers Fair.

Many employers were very pleased with the event as a recruitment tool; they expressed satisfaction both with the quality of the students they spoke to and with the number who turned up.

Stephanie Snyder, from BT’s Talent Team, said “BT is proud to be working with the University of Bath to strengthen recruiting relationships.”

Some employers with extensive experience of fairs at our competitor institutions said that in comparison our students are excellent, and that we provide a very hospitable service.

It wasn’t only companies with engineering and management vacancies who were pleased – the Training and Development Agency for Schools, interested in promoting teaching, was so busy that they had to divide students into groups to talk to them, on the basis of age, range of interest and secondary applicants by subject. Other comments heard in the hall from employers included: “Really good, we’ll come again,” “It’s nice to see first and second years,” and “I’ve seen students that I really hope will apply.”

The hall was full, with 75 stands (76 including the employer who gatecrashed!) and about 2000 students. The CAS is particularly pleased to have attracted some employers for the first time, including ARM and Data Connection. The latter has tended to concentrate recruitment mainly on Oxbridge until now.

Students, who on the whole were very pleased, were not impressed with the freebies. “Carrier bags,” said one, “Why do they all give us bags? What I really need is a new pair of trainers!” Employers, please note…

The Careers Fair is part of the CAS’ Springboard Programme. For details of the CAS’ associated Development Programme of employment-related skills training for students, see Related Links section.

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