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Internal News - 05 October 2005

The Equalities and Diversity Committee needs you

The newly-formed Equalities and Diversity Committee is looking for an enthusiastic member of MANUAL staff to engage positively with strategic issues relating to equalities and diversity and to take an active part in moving forward the University’s agenda in these areas.

Nominations are welcomed and should be submitted to Diane Davies, Registrar’s Office (WH 6.11), in writing by Monday 17 October 2005.

Please include a couple of sentences about your interests and enthusiasm and state that you are manual staff. (If you need permission from your department to volunteer for this role, we assume you will have organised this.)

If more than one nomination is received, elections will be held.

The Committee will meet four times per year (usually Thursday afternoons), and we are planning a general induction session for new members on the afternoon of 25 October.

There will be opportunities to develop your existing knowledge in the core areas of diversity, although any existing expert knowledge will be welcomed.

We look forward to hearing from you.