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Internal News - 30 November 2005

International football match Bath 2 - Alicante 0

The Bath boys were victorious in the first battle for the Friendship Trophy (or 'Copa de la Amistad') held on Spanish soil in Alicante, yesterday.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor George Lunt, who attended the match said, "Both teams put on an excellent show of skill and strength but after a brief period of acclimatising to the new synthetic pitch, the Bath team started to dominate the game."

Many congratulations to the team and all their supporters.

Detailed match report to follow.


The University of Bath and the University of Alicante already have extensive academic and student exchange links following a formal twinning agreement agreed between the two universities more than a decade ago.

Professor George Lunt, Deputy Vice–Chancellor of the University of Bath, commented: "This adds a new dimension to what has been a very fruitful relationship with the University of Alicante. On the academic front there have been long standing interactions in such areas as Education, Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering.

“More recently a number of our IMML–Spanish students have been studying and working in Alicante and we have welcomed several of their students here to our campus."