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Alister Rollins
Alister Rollins

Press Release - 04 November 2005

UoB graduate wins top young entrepreneur’s award

A former University of Bath student who started his own company straight after graduation has been named as the Daily Telegraph Young Entrepreneur of the Year for 2005.

Alister Rollins, 24, received the prize at the prestigious Jaeger-LeCoultre Telegraph Business Awards held on Wednesday evening this week (2 November).

Alister, together with fellow student Bruce de Groote, won the University of Bath business plan competition in 2002 whilst studying for a mechanical engineering degree and started his company, Fitronics, after graduation.

The company, which is based at the University’s Innovation Centre in Bath, provides gyms with an electronic version of the outdated paper system that helps club members measure their progress.

Members tap in their pin number on a touch-screen computer in the gym to get their work-out cards and see how well they are sticking to their programme. The club's fitness equipment then automatically records workout progress.

The system also alerts the gym to members which are most likely to quit, so staff can target their motivational efforts on them. Video demonstrations coach members through their exercises.

"Our success is down to our solution's simplicity," said Mr Rollins. "We provide health clubs with a cost effective, easy to implement answer to the health and fitness industry's biggest problem: membership retention.

“We prompt the club's staff to focus on where they add most value, while our system works in the background ensuring their efforts have maximum impact."

Fitronics entered the market in May 2004 after 18 months of development and is already installed in a number of sites across the country, including the University's Sports Training Village.

In this time, Fitronics has attracted funding and Sulis Seedcorn venture capital investment, resulting in a world class product and rapid growth in sales.

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