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The firework display
The funfair
Photos by Nic Delves-Broughton

Internal News - 07 November 2005

Fireworks display "absolutely amazing", say organisers

Organisers have called Saturday's fireworks display "absolutely amazing", with thousands attending and a large amount raised for charity.

The event, organised at the University's Claverton Down campus, featured a funfair, two radio roadshows and circus acts, as well as the 25-minute firework display.

The events was organised by Bath Area Rag, the fundraising charity run by students at the University of Bath. They raised over £3,500 at the event, part of the £20,000 they hope to raise this year. Rag has raised over £1 million since it began in 1967.

“This year’s event was absolutely amazing,” said Rag Chair Helen Reed.

“The visitors filled up all the car parks on campus, so we had thousands of people here. The event went off really well and it was great that so many people had such a good time." She thanked all who had helped organise the event.

The roadshows were provided by GWR and by URB, the University student radio station and the circus acts were by Gravity Vomit, the University students’ juggling and circus skills club.