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Internal News - 16 December 2005

University Web Server downtime

Tuesday 20 December 2005 6 -10 am

As part of the expansion to web services, essential work is to be carried out on the University's web server. Those with a connection to drive W: will not be able to access it during this time. Web-based applications such as SAMIS on the web, FIS and other domains hosted on this server will also not be available during the upgrade.

As a consequence, some web browsers that use the university automatic proxy configuration script will not be able to access external webpages during the upgrade. If you want to access web sites outside the University domains, your browser software, eg, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox or Opera need to be configured manually.

The web proxy cache is a method of storing local copies of frequently-accessed web pages so that they can be displayed quickly on machines, rather than waiting for these to reload from their original source each time.

For the limited period of downtime, only reconfigure your browser manually if you need to access external webpages and are confident in changing settings on your software. (See related links)