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Internal News - 02 December 2005

Cutting the campus energy bill

You will all have heard plenty in the news lately about rising fuel prices, and this winter is being forecast by some to be colder than average with the resultant increase in energy consumption. Climate change due to carbon dioxide emissions from energy consumption is also a highly topical subject.

The University is being impacted severely as much as anyone by these. Due mostly to a far larger than expected gas price rise, our campus energy bill for this academic year has risen by nearly 30% compared with last year. We also have strict government targets under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (set up in response to the Kyoto agreement on climate change) for reductions in energy use and carbon dioxide emissions.

Some facts and figures…

What we are doing…

To some extent we are a victim of our current infrastructure, with a large number of inefficient 1960s and 70s buildings on the campus. We are, however, doing a number of things to try and address rising energy usage and costs.

What we can all do…

There are many fairly obvious ways in which we can all contribute which we may forget in our normal busy working day:

New Energy & Environment Manager

Peter Phelps has recently been appointed within the Estates team to assist with the improvement process. Peter will be visiting departments to discuss energy issues in the New Year.