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Research TV

Internal News - 10 February 2005

Research TV highlights Bath work

Research from the University of Bath is featuring in television news programmes around the world thanks to a news ‘feed’ from the UK production company Research TV.

The work, by Professor Wang from the Department of Physics on new generations of LED lighting, was filmed by the company earlier this year, and distributed through the Associated Press news network at the end of last week.

The television footage, script and soundtrack are then available free of charge to television networks to edit and broadcast as part of their news programmes.

The global coverage of the Associated Press network means that news agencies around the world can show the stories that they would not normally have the time or resources to film and broadcast.

The University, together with others in the region, has been able to feature in these news feeds thanks to funding from the South West of England Regional Development Agency to promote research and innovation activities in the region through Research TV.

At the end of last year, work by Professor Ismet Gursul in the Department of Mechanical Engineering was distributed by Research TV through the AP network. It was used in news programmes on 42 different channels around the world.

People interested in watching the news feeds can view them on-lineby clicking on the 'Sound, vision and nanoscience (Wang)' and 'Just eat and go! (Gursul)' links to the left.