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Internal News - 18 February 2005

Pay Modernisation - Update Statement from senior management

This statement was updated on 18 February to include links to the union sites

Over the past year, the University has been working in partnership with the local representatives of the trades unions on a pay modernisation agenda which involves a move toward a single pay spine and a common pay and grading structure underpinned by a job evaluation scheme, Higher Education Role Analysis (HERA).

Pay modernisation is being undertaken in recognition of the need to ensure equal pay for work of equal value, to tackle problems of low pay, to recognise and reward the contribution which individuals make and to support opportunities for career and organisation development.

On 2 February 2005, the three main trades unions on campus, AMICUS, AUT and UNISON, suspended their involvement with the implementation of the University of Bath's pay modernisation plan. The University is keen to emphasise that the trades unions are welcome to rejoin the implementation process at any stage. We hope to agree the basis for a resumption of the process in the near future.

Meanwhile, the University will continue the implementation of job evaluation and pay modernisation as planned. The University does not wish to see the majority of its staff, who are expected to benefit from this process, to be disadvantaged by any delays in implementation.