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Internal News - 11 March 2005

Twenty new appointments to be made

Twenty new academic appointments are to be made, including the appointment of new professors in Chemistry and in Physics, following agreement on investments to be made from the Strategic Investment Fund.

In total, seven new professors are to be appointed, including chairs in architecture and mechanical engineering.

In addition, almost 50 new postgraduate research studentships are to be funded, whilst over £100,000 has been allocated to the Library for electronic material collection development. This will allow development of the University's infrastructure support for electronic research information.

Departments were informed about the allocations from the Strategic Investment Fund last week. Prior to the allocations being made, Executive Committee had agreed that the strategic investment should serve the priorities established for the University in the Future Academic Shape document, including support and enhancement of RAE performance and success in student recruitment.

The posts to be funded were chosen from bids made by every academic department across the University. The total cost of the allocations is in excess of £1.25million and has been made possible by the University's much improved financial position.

As yet, no investments have been approved outside the academic areas of the University but bids are being considered as part of current discussions with individual departments about their strategic plans.