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Internal News - 15 April 2005

Staff invited to highlight fundraising priorities

Members of staff are being invited to apply for their projects to be considered as a University fundraising priority.

Last year the University set up a new Development Office to support fundraising activities across the institution and, in particular, to fundraise for specific projects identified as University priorities.

Staff are now being invited to submit applications for capital projects, staff posts, scholarships, bursaries and prizes - but NOT research projects - for consideration by the ad hoc Development Group, chaired by the Vice-Chancellor.

The ad hoc Development Group meets on a regular basis and will consider project applications once a semester with selected projects submitted to Executive Committee for final sign-off.

Dates of meetings, deadlines for submitting applications and the application form itself are published on the Vice-Chancellor's Office web pages under 'News & Items for Consultation' - see related links.

Applications must be approved by the Head of Department/School and Dean, where appropriate.

The Development Office can help draw up applications and, where a project does not become a University priority, may be able to provide advice, research and other fundraising support.

Please note that those people involved in priority projects will be expected to contribute considerable time and effort to fundraising.