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To use the services of the Imaging Unit, contact the University photographer, Nic Delves-BroughtonNic Delves-Broughton on ext 5478.

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Engineering student at work
Engineering student at work

Internal News - 26 April 2005

Photography charge at University cut by half

The £100 an hour charge by the University's Imaging and Photographic Unit will be cut to £50 an hour (£30 half hour) from May 1.

The Department of Marketing and Communications announced the change today to encourage departments to make full use of the expertise of the unit.

The new charge means that the Imaging Unit is offering a very competitive service, with the added bonus that departments can reuse images for future work at no extra cost. Normally a photographer would require an extra fee should the image be used again.

Those interested in using the services of the University photographer, Nic Delves-Broughton, should contact him on x5478.