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Internal News - 19 May 2005

Welcome to the redesigned internal news pages

Welcome to the relaunched internal news pages, which have a new structure and a new design to make it easier for the University community to get information and news simply and quickly.

In the past year the communications team has recruited more staff and so has been able to write more news items; more information is being supplied by academic and support departments as well. The new system will make it easier to access this information.

The new system features a redesign which has a contemporary feel, with a squarer look to maximise the space available. Its XML technology simplifies updating the site and can automatically create print-ready pages, page viewing statistics and RSS feeds, where users can get new items on their screens without needing to go to the homepage itself.

For those who want to get used to the new site gradually, we will run the previous system in tandem for another week, until Friday 27 May.

I would like to thank Andy Male, Andy Savin and Richard Phillips from BUCS for their work on the XML technology, and Jacki Hargreaves and Gill Smith from this department who maintained the previous system and worked on this relaunch.

We hope you will enjoy using the new site.

Tony Trueman, Department of Marketing and Communications, 19 May 2005.

Users’ guide

The links at the top

To begin with, you’ll notice the homepage layout is changed. The main navigation icons are now at the top in a two-layer bar.

The items in light blue are links to information pages replacing the links that were on the left-hand side of the screen on the old home page. These links are now amalgamated into two links ‘For Students’ and ‘For Staff’.

Under the new system a particular item could appear in several different sub-sections. For instance, an item referring to research into the role of chief executive officers might appear in both the Research section and the Business section.

The Archive section stores items in date order, once they have moved out of the sub-sections.

Other links

On the right-hand side of the screen is a list of links that appears on all of the top-level pages. This list is similar to 'Quick links' on the former system.

On the left-hand side of the screen you will see links that relate specifically to the main content of that particular page, and these links will change as you click through the site. For example, on the research homepage, you will see links relating to other research areas on the University site; on a business news item page you might see links to sites relating to business and commerce.

A new design

Try clicking on Releases. This is a list of all the media items we have distributed to the press. If you click on the pages created by this Department, you will see a new style with a narrower text width, photographs to a set size on the right, and relevant links and contact details on the left.


The new system has been successfully trialled among a focus group and was approved by Executive earlier this month. The Department of Marketing and Communications welcomes all suggestions and comments and will consider if further changes are necessary. Please click on the comments link on the top left hand corner of the homepage and fill in the form.