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Professor Stefan Wolff
Professor Stefan Wolff

Press Release - 26 May 2005

Expert opinion on the French vote on the EU Constitutional Treaty

On Sunday 29 May the French public will go to the polls in order to decide whether to accept the EU constitution.

French No, especially if repeated three days later by the Dutch, could put an early end to the ratification process of the constitutional treaty and plunge the EU into turmoil.

With polls suggesting that the result is on a knife-edge, Stefan Wolff, Professor of Political Science at the University of Bath, is available for comment on a range of issues relating to the EU constitution including:

The constitution for the European Union was agreed in Brussels on 18 June 2004 and brings together the many treaties and agreements on which the EU is based. It has to be ratified by all 25 member states before being implemented.

It defines the powers of the EU, stating where it can and act and where the member states retain their right of veto. It also defines the role of the EU institutions.

According to reports, the British public will have their chance to vote on whether to accept the constitution in a referendum next year - but plans may change following this weekend's vote.

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