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Internal News - 31 May 2005

The Avenue consultation: an update

We have been informed by B&NES that the consultation currently underway is the "Statutory Consultation period", in other words comments from formal bodies - bus companies, university, taxi owners, road haulage association etc. The Public Consultation is due to start within the month.

Those members of the University community who have already written to B&NES are strongly recommended to resend their emails/letters when the Public Consultation commences with a covering note requesting that Peter Bailey ensures their comments are definitely included in the official process.

As soon as B&NES announces the dates of the Public Consultation, we will post this on the homepage.

Currently B&NES is replying to emails with a stock response: "We refer to your recent e-mail regarding the above revised proposed Traffic Regulation Order. We apologise for not responding to you individually on this matter due to the large number of e-mails being received."

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor George Lunt, comments: "This is a wholly unsatisfactory response and I would encourage all interested parties to press B&NES for a proper response to questions once the Public Consultation starts."